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Edmonds Comedy Show to return in Summer 2013

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, monthly live comedy shows are finally coming back to Edmonds, Washington!

What took you jokers so long?

We stopped scheduling shows last year after event producer and Edmonds-based comedian CJ Alexander, faced with sudden family-related duties (and related travel demands) became temporarily unable to manage the ongoing show calendar — amid a venue relocation, no less. Soon after his full-time return to the area, CJ found himself writing this boring and tragically unfunny paragraph — and was every bit as happy as you when… it… finally… ended. WOOO!! (high five)

Relaunching the Edmonds Comedy event calendar

Now it’s finally time for the fun stuff! We’ve been excited — and, frankly, relieved — to learn that audience and venue enthusiasm for live comedy in Edmonds, WA remains very, very strong. We’re currently evaluating the finalists for our new venue, and will announce our selection along with the Summer 2013 comedy show dates presently. ((We remain big fans of Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna, where last year’s comedy shows were fun and successful — but live comedy deserves a better long-term fit.))

Gen. Douglas MacArthur: brilliant strategist, kind of a dick

Military genius, kind of a dick

So stay tuned, for we shall return — much like Gen. Douglas MacArthur, if MacArthur had been a harmless clown, and if you replaced his domineering will to conquest with debilitating waves of social and sexual insecurity. And he’d probably be outwardly concerned about his carbon footprint, but in a sanctimonious sort of way — like all good Puget Sounders. (Even a grunge state hippie version of MacArthur is still going to be a dick, right?)

Until we’re back, may all of your crazy digressions make sense, and may every one of your days be an an EDMONDS kind of day.

Edmonds Comedy on Facebook

The Edmonds Comedy Show page on Facebook is also a good place for local comedy event news. Be sure “Like” us to stay in the loop, unless of course you’re really old and cranky and out of touch. 🙂 We promise not to spam you with game invitations.

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July 19 starring Dean Oleson, featuring Brett Hamil

presented by Demetris Woodstone Taverna

Dean Oleson

Thursday, July 19 at 8:30pm

Buy your tickets now — ONLY $8 online!
   (Or pay $10 at the door, presumably whilst polishing your monocle)

Click here to buy tickets For our July show (7/19) we’re excited to be welcoming the amazing and hilarious national headliner DEAN OLESON, a crowd favorite seen on Comedy Central, A&E, and PBS. [See Dean’s bio for more!]

This month’s show also features our very special guest Brett Hamil and will be hosted by house emcee CJ Alexander.

Age 17 and over recommended due to strong, hilarious “adult content,” i.e., words and topics spoken out loud. Rest assured that nobody will get naked! We’d rather you kept your dinner down, too.

About the Edmonds Comedy Show

Every month, Demetri’s brings award-winning regional and national talent to the best live comedy show in Edmonds. The laughs are guaranteed, this and every month at the Edmonds Third Thursday Art Walk. Please join us for the show at Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna, next to Brackett’s Landing by the ferry dock.

Produced by Island Productions

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Comedian Dean Oleson: Bio

July 2012 Edmonds Comedy Headliner

Comedian Dean Oleson (headshot)

Comedian Dean Oleson

Dean Oleson has been seen on Comedy Central, PBS, A&E, and live performances all over the world where his remarkable versatility has led to success as a television show host, radio talk show host, V/O talent actor and live performer.

But he’s best known for his hilarious stand-up comedy, headlining comedy clubs all over the world — including London and Sydney. Dean is a true audience favorite who makes fun of his weird family, himself and pretty much everything else.

Dean Oleson Stand-up Video (2:00 minute clip)

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